Yasha (夜叉猿?) - (The Yasha Ape, The Beast of Yasha Crag) - Voiced by: Eiji Yanagisawa. While training in the mountains Baki encountered this legendary monster. It is said that it stands 9 feet tall. Warriors who went to face the beast were never seen again. He was able to fight Ando and injuring him despite being struck by Ando's ax. In his rematch with Baki, its eye was gouged out only to be eaten by himself afterwards. In the end Baki won his fight with him showing Baki a sign of respect. It was revealed that Yujiro killed the Yasha Ape's wife. In return, Baki returned the skull of his wife as a sign of respect. Likewise, he gave Baki one of his fangs as a gift. It's shown that it is a docile creature and only fights to survive. As Baki departs, it reveals that he was raising three children on his own. Later, it is revealed that he is murdered by Yujiro, who then showed his head to Baki. Baki's battle, and victory, against the Yasha Ape is his first fight after gaining near-death concentration(死に際の集中力).

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