Takamura MamoruEdit

Takamura Mamoru
Japanese Name 鷹村 守
Nickname(s) The Japanese Hawk
Birth date July 7, 1969
Homeland Tokyo, Japan
Weight Class Middleweight
Height 185 cm
Style Brawler or Hybrid
Rank C (WBC)
Other Information
Affiliated with Kamogawa Boxing Gym
Trainer Kamogawa Genji
Championships Eastern Japan Rookie King

All Japan Rookie King Japanese Middleweight Champion WBC Junior Middleweight Champion WBC Middleweight Champion

Family Suguru (older brother)Kyouka (older sister)

Wataru (little brother)

Voice Actor Koyama Rikiya (Japanese)Eddie Frierson (English)
Boxing record
Total fights 21
Wins 21
Wins by KO 21
Losses 0
First Appearance
Manga Round 1
Anime Round 1

Takamura Mamoru (鷹村 守) is a multi-weight class Hybrid affiliated with the Kamogawa Boxing Gym and the current WBC Middleweight Champion.

Power Stamina Speed Talent Skill Genius Stat
20/20 20/20 20/20 20/20 20/20 1/1


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Takamura is the current WBC World Middleweight Champion and former Junior Middleweight Champion. He was also the JBC Middleweight Champion, but relinquished it after 4 title defenses. He lives alone at the Ohta Inn apartment complex, and his room is littered with junk, old food, pornography, and even his Belts. He still lives there even after becoming World Champion, preferring a simple life.


He was discovered on the streets by Coach Kamogawa. Even during important matches he has a tendency to play around, such as by using Aoki's "Look Away" technique, labeling a regular uppercut the Beetle's Uppercut in a fight where he wore a beetle costume, and arguing with the spectators when they mock him. In spite of all of this, he is the one who got Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura into boxing, he is well respected at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym. Even though he constantly looks down on and ridicules their achievements, his unrivaled strength and rare moments of kindness has earned him respect from his fellow boxing juniors. He has also occasionally shown concern for Miyata Ichirou and seems to genuinely look forward to Ippo's rematch with him (if it ever materializes).

While they are in a training camp with Nekota, he fought a bear and rendered it unconscious, the encounter resulted in the three scars visible on his chest during boxing matches. When Nekota snuck up on him

[4]Takamura defeating the wild bear Added by Tsunaruto08underwater as a joke while at the beach, he ran away in fear believing it to be a real ghost. He also had a very Umezu Kazuo-like face when Tomiko used tarot cards to accurately guess how many times he had masturbated after a fight. There was also an occurance where Takamura challenged Yagi to a fishing competition, resulting in a "No Takamura" sign to be put up next to a "No Yagi" sign.

He is revealed to be the estranged middle son of the famous Takamura Development company, supported by his older sister Kyoka and younger brother Wataru. He lives off his boxing income rather than his family's money.

Nicknames, etc.[5]EditEdit

Character Nickname Japanese Translation
Nickname Nihon no Taka 日本の鷹 The Japanese Hawk
Nickname Kuma Koroshi Takamura 熊殺し鷹村 Takamura the Bear Slayer

Aoki Kimura Itagaki Miyata


Lord of perverts

鷹村さん see here
Coach Kamogawa

Date Most Characters Ringside Announcers Spectators


鷹村 N/A
Yagi Takamura-kun 鷹村くん see here


Mamoru N/A
Wataru Mamoru-niisan 守兄さん Big Brother Mamoru


Result Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
WIN Ronald Duck KO 10(12)


"World Conquest Proclamation" Retained World Middleweight Title


Rickey Mouse KO 1(12) 1996-09-12 Tokyo, Japan "Operation- World Domination" Retained World Middleweight Title
WIN Richard Fox KO 1(12) 1996-03 Tokyo, Japan Retained World Middleweight Title
WIN David Eagle KO 8(12) 1995-08-27 Yokohama, Japan "A Passing Point" World Middleweight Title Match
WIN Larry Bernard KO 1(12) 1995-04-28 Tokyo, Japan "King of Hawk" Retained World Junior Middleweight Title
WIN Bryan Hawk KO 8(12) 1994-12-20 Osaka, Japan "Battle of Hawk" World Junior Middleweight Title Match
WIN Morris West KO 6(10) 1994-10-14 Tokyo, Japan "Apocalypse Now"
WIN Unknown KO 3(10) 1994-04 Tokyo, Japan WBC Junior Middleweight Eliminator Match
WIN Unknown KO Unknown Unknown Tokyo, Japan N/A
WIN Itou Takaaki KO 1(10) 1993-07 Tokyo, Japan Retained Japanese Middleweight Title (Later Vacating Title)
WIN Tamaoki Atsushi KO 2(10) 1992-10 Tokyo, Japan Retained Japanese Middleweight Title
WIN Unknown KO 7(10) Unknown Tokyo, Japan Retained Japanese Middleweight Title
WIN Bonchai Chuwatana KO 3(10) 1992-04-20 Tokyo, Japan Retained Japanese Middleweight Title
WIN Yajima Yoshiaki KO 1(10) 1991-10 Tokyo, Japan Japanese Middleweight Title Match
WIN Hirano Kazuhiko KO 1(10) 1990-10 Tokyo, Japan N/A
WIN Unknown KO 1(Unknown) 1989-02 Tokyo, Japan All Japan Rookie Tournament
WIN Unknown KO 1(Unknown) Unknown Tokyo, Japan N/A
WIN Unknown KO 1(4) Unknown Tokyo, Japan N/A
WIN Unknown KO 1(4) Unknown Tokyo, Japan N/A
WIN Unknown KO 1(4) Unknown Tokyo, Japan N/A
WIN Unknown KO 1(4) Unknown Tokyo, Japan N/A
WIN Sakura Kiyoshi KO 1(4) 1987-06 Tokyo, Japan Pro-Debut Boxing Match

Fighting Style[7]EditEdit

Takamura is the strongest known fighter in the Hajime no Ippo series. He possesses a genius-level boxing talent, as noticed by Kamogawa Genji when he was first found on the streets. In his title matches, Takamura showcased incredible power, speed, and durability through the guidance of Kamogawa. Like Miyata, Takamura is constantly struggling with weight control, and is prone to losing stamina quicker due to fighting in weight-classes below his natural weight.


Preceded by Title Succeeded by
David Eagle WBC Middleweight Champion

August 27, 1995 - current

Brian Hawk WBC Junior Middleweight Champion

December 20, 1994 - April 28, 1995

Yajima Yoshiaki JBC Middleweight Champion

October, 1991 - July 1993

Unknown All Japan Middleweight Rookie King Unknown
Unknown East Japan Middleweight Rookie King Unknown
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