Shinogi Kureha (昂昇 紅葉 Shinogi Kureha) - The older brother of Shinogi, he is very narcissistic and trains to develop the perfect body through rigorous weight training and claims to have all the traits of several Olympic level athletes, the speed of a sprinter, the endurance of a marathon runner, the flexibility of an amateur wrestler and the reaction time and strength of a heavyweight boxer, yet he does not have any known formal training in a martial art like his younger brother. In the Maximum Tournament, he fighting style is listed as "Athlete". He is also a surgical genius able to do surgeries that normally take several hours in only 30 minutes, though he does not have a license. He fights Baki Hanma and is destroyed in combat by him after Baki meets the people that had been failed test subjects of his medical experiments. Ironically, he is saved by one of his victims when he needed a blood transfusion after his match with Baki. In the Maximum Tournament, he fights his younger brother Koushou and though he destroys Koushou he decides to give up to let his younger brother continue in the tournament. During that match, despite losing his eyesight when Shinogi severed two of his visual cords, he surgically fixed his nerves during his fight. He serves as tournament medic as the matches go on and tried to stop Jack Hammer from using any performance enhancers only to be beaten by him. Later, he helps Jack Hanma develop new ways of getting stronger without the use of steroids.

In English version of anime his name is Kureha Kosho.