' Kyosumi Katou (加藤清澄) -  A top student of Doppo orochi, who left the dojo after having enough of Doppo's "weak" training regime and trained around the world. He returns to Japan after finding out about the Underground tournaments. Katou's attitude is best described as arrogant, but usually being the butt of a joke; especially around Doppo, Katsumi, Tokugawa, and Baki. However, it is shown that he truly admires and cares for Doppo. He originally is supposed to fight Mike Gerald, but both of them are beaten senseless by a Giant Red Gorilla called Ghost Monkey. Their match is declared a no contest. Katou shows up in the 'Search of Our Strongest Hero' and fights against the convict Dorian in his secret underground hiding place. Katou has his face scarred horribly from a broken glass bottle and is announced "dead" upon his body being found by Retsu Kaioh in the Shinshinkai building. It is later revealed that Katou is alive.