' Katsumi Orochi (愚地 克巳, Orochi Katsumi?) A 3rd dan, Doppo's son and current prodigy of Shinshinkai karate, at times Katsumi is seen to be extremely arrogant given his immense confidence in his own skills. When the Red Yasha Ape crashed the Tournament and sent Katou flying from the Arena Katsumi caught Katou and then he himself proceded to fight the Ape beating the animal without mercy which enraged Baki because of his freindship with the Ape's father as such a slight feud has erupted between Baki and Katsumi afterward he fights Roland Gustof in round 1 defeating him easily before fighting Hanayama Kaoru and fighting a more even round 2 using his sonic fists technique. In round 3 he loses miserably to Retsu Kaioh getting knocked out in 1 punch. Retsu was impressed that Katsumi could take even one of his punches and still get up but still took great delight in humiliating the"Ace of Shinshinkai" however after Retsu is nearly killed (but humbled) after his fight with Baki it appears that Retsu strikes a friendship with the young karateka and holds a few demonstration workshops at the Shinshinkai Dojo teaching the students techniques from Kung Fu. A rematch/sparring match between Retsu and Katsumi in the 'Search of Our Strongest Hero' series is interrupted when the convict Dorian comes into the Shinshinkai building and attacks Katsumi. Katsumi also later trains the convict Doyle in Shinshinkai Karate. In the anime it is revealed that Doppo is actually Katsumi's adoptive father. The final moments of the anime show him washing up at Doppo's home after a training session. He has a fight with Pickle which he loses despite his new Mach Punch technique, and as a result he got his right arm torn off and several limbs broken. He is seen in hospital recovering from his wounds shortly after.

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