' Kaoru Hanayama - (花山 薫 Hanayama Kaoru) Nineteen-year-old yakuza leader and strongman. When his father died he was adopted by his uncle who saw great potential in him. His grip is so strong that if he grabs an opponent's arm he can usually cause it to explode from restricting the blood flow. He is also a street fighter and it is unknown if he has trained in martial art styles. He broke Yuri Chakosky's arm, thus ending his boxing career, but when they cross paths again they hold no grudge against each other, understanding each other's warrior spirit. He has memorable battles with Baki Hanma, Katsumi Orochi, and the infamous showdown with the convict Speck. Speck manages to place a handful of bullets into Hanayama's mouth and slam it shut, causing them to explode and create two large holes in Hanayama's mouth. Although Hanayama won the battle, he wears a facemask for most of the series. Later on, he is shown surgically treated. His code of honor is great as he chooses not to fall in battle even if it means his death; a family vow which has been held in a long tradition passed from generations. Even after 3 direct strikes from Katsumi, he still chose not to fall and chose to risk death. Katsumi even admitted that he lost his battle to him despite winning the match. He faces Bunnoshin Inagi in round 1, before losing to Orochi Katsumi in round 2. He is looked upon as an older brother figure to Baki. His act of pouring a drink over Emi's grave suggests a feeling of love, but it is not known. He reappears briefly in Baki: Son of Ogre, by having a strength test with Pickle in the streets, interrupted by Baki.

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