Goki Shibukawa - is a master of Aikido and Jiujitsu. He's known as "Tatsujin". 
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Goki Shibukawa


Goki Shibukawa is a lean well built seemingly frail aged fighter being 70 years old. He has black hair with the sides beginning to whiten. He wears a pair of brown tortoise shell glasses and has a fake left glass eye due to Yanagi poisoning him prior to the current storyline. 

Attire wise Shibukawa wears the uniform of an Aikido master consisting of a white keikogi top with a quilted pattern near the bottom tucked inside black hakama pants.

In his youth Shibukawa's appereance was no different except having a head full of black hair; no glasses and wore a simple judo uniform same top and plain white pants.

In Baki the Grappler Search for our Strongest Hero, Shibukawa is shown wearing a simple yukata and obi underneath a haori coat and geta shoes.


Shibukawa's personality is calm yet perplexed always holds the need for killing when there is need for it due to fighting in the wars he has shown to have a ruthless and blood side to him such as attacking his master in full deadly combat only to be sliced with a katana on the back by his master. He has also shown to have a very twisted and comedic personality such as throwing a large iron kettle at Yanagi telling him it was hot water but to later laugh and tell him the truth that it was cold water. Like many aged fighters he has a tendency to look down on younger fighters and willing to "teach" them a lesson.

Fighting Style Edit

Goki being a master of Jiujitsu and Aikido has shown great internal and external strength.