' Emi Akezawa - She is the mother of Beki Hanma. Emi is still alive with Yujiro Hanma.

The mother of Beki Hanma. It is implied that she was a prostitute before she married into money. She and her husband saw Yujiro while on vacation. Her husband, a yakuza, was angered by her infatuation of Yujiro and hit her, but he had his neck broken by Yujiro. She loved him and vowed to raise Baki to be a warrior like Yujiro. Over time, her love becomes obsession and she never acts lovingly toward her son. Yujiro wasn't satisfied with Baki's skills however and left her, leaving Emi with hatred towards Baki. When Baki and Yujiro fought, Emi looked on as Baki was beaten into the ground, seemingly dead. Suddenly she snapped and risked her life to save Baki. Although Baki survived the ordeal, Yujiro killed Emi, breaking her back with a bearhug. She spends her final moments cradling her son and singing a lullaby to him. Baki later runs through the city with her body on his back, leaving her in a field and wreathed in flowers.

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